7 Days a Week Skincare for Glowing Skin


Via Beauty Care face mask sheet offers luxurious skincare in just 15 minutes. Choose a different mask each day of the week from the 7 varieties to hydrate, purify, firm and nourish your skin. Each single-use purified cellulose sheet that has been pre-soaked in concentrated serum for maximum results. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.

What Makes Our Masks Special


Delivers long lasting moisture
& nourishment to skin

Paraben Free

Free of Paraben, Sulfates,
Formaldehyde & Phthalates

Adhesive Fiber

Comfortably adheres to
the contours of face

How to Apply

Customer Reviews

The sheet felt very soft and thin enough to adhere well to my face. I also liked the abundance of serum in the package.

I really liked the texture and the size how the mask sheet sits on my face.

This product contains proper amount of serum. It was very moist. Not only this, the scent was not too strong nor too light. It was perfect scent making me feel better.